Thursday, March 17, 2011

sally makes good bread

So after seeing this post by smittenkitchen about sally lunn bread, I was compelled to make this bread/ cake. The only modification that I made to the recipe was to double it, be lazy about eggs (3 of them instead of separating whites & yolks) & add about 6 T of sugar instead of 4. I was hoping that I could pass it off as "cake" toWsk as another possible breakfast item. So far he won't try it, but he was understandably more interested in his st patrick day cookies that we made last night.
The bread itself is lovely, light & eggy. With the honey butter it becomes firmly in the sweet category without it, it makes a nice brioche taste and could be a nice foil to something savory like a good cheese. The bread dough is more of a batter, and it was a pain to get it into the pan. Obviously from the result, it should be this wet but it was frustrating to me. Perhaps I should try to scrape it into a buttered bowl to proof it. I'd make it again- I'm interested in what sort of additions you could make to it to enhance it as a breakfast bread. I'm thinking a nice layer of apples & cinnamon would be lovely. I'm going to submit this one towild yeast's yeastspotting since I've finally made something new instead of old standbys.

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Rachel said...

That looks delicious! I need to venture out and try some new breads. I have a couple tried & true recipes and tend to stick to them since I feel like they are easy.